A Launchpad to the Past and Future

Formed from the cataclysmic collision of a Mars-sized planet with the early Earth, our Moon bears many scars from the foundation of the solar system, making it a powerful witness to understanding the solar system’s past and estimating the age of other worlds. APL houses the world’s largest community of lunar experts in a single location, and with heightened interest in returning to the Moon, our researchers are at the forefront in providing cutting-edge science and concerted technological efforts to help us return, explore and understand our closest celestial neighbor.


APL has designed, built and operated more than 70 innovative spacecraft over its six decades of spaceflight experience. Click below to learn about some of the missions that made revolutionary discoveries, and spacecraft that will push the boundaries of exploration and investigate outstanding scientific mysteries.


Scientists and engineers at APL have designed, built and operated more than 300 novel space instruments and methods to conduct cutting-edge research and make groundbreaking discoveries. Click below to learn about some of these instruments and their role in shaping our understanding of space and the solar system.


Go inside APL’s space missions and research, and check out the latest news, features and discoveries from the teams that are probing mysteries from the Sun to the edge of the solar system and beyond.