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Carl Engelbrecht

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Propulsion Engineer
  • BSAA, Aerospace Engineering
    1984, University of Washington
  • MSAA, Aerospace Engineering
    1986, University of Washington

Experience includes line and technical management, and leadership of internal and subcontractor teams.  Project management experience at APL includes being Project Manager for the SPP Upper Stage and for the Dual Converter Controller and Deputy Program Manager for Europa Clipper and New Horizons.  Line management experience includes leading the Propulsion Systems Programs Group (Project Managers and Project Engineers) at General Dynamics, the Mechanical Systems Group at APL, and (temporary “acting” role) the Engineering and Technology (SE) Branch at APL.  Extensive technical background in the analysis, design, procurement, and integration and test of a wide range of types of electric and chemical space propulsion components and systems.  Direct work experience spans a wide range from launch vehicles to deep space probes.  Also experienced with a wide variety of test and launch facilities (both in the USA and Europe) and their specific requirements.  Good working knowledge of spoken and technical German.  Propulsion systems supported include those of APL’s STEREO and ORS programs, interplanetary spacecraft Galileo (Jupiter), Magellan (Venus), Cassini (Saturn), MESSENGER (Mercury), New Horizons (Pluto), Europa Clipper, CONTOUR, and Deep Space 1, and launch vehicle attitude control systems for Ariane V and Athena.

Notable Awards and Leadership

Year(s) Description
2004 Chairman, AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technology Committee.