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Christopher Haskins

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RF/Electrical Engineer
  • BS, Electrical Engineering
    1997, Virginia Tech
  • MS, Electrical Engineering
    2000, Virginia Tech

Extensive background in the development of RF communications systems and RF payloads. Experience in the design and development of commercial and space flight-qualified communications systems, receivers, and transmitters, SDRs, RF ground support equipment, and individual analog/RF/microwave and mixed-signal components and subsystems. Experience in the development and qualification of radio navigation and remote sensing products for a variety of Civil Space and National Secrity Space applications. I have developed flight RF hardware for New Horizons (Pluto and beyond), Van Allen Probes (Earth orbit), Parker Solar Probe (Sun orbit), Emirates Mars Mission (Mars Hope), DART (asteroid impactor), Europa Clipper (Jupiter/Europa orbit), IMAP (heliophysics at L1), and a number of DoD missions.  My experiences span concept development through flight article development and on-orbit operations.  I have proven leadership skills across highly constrained staffing, fiscal, and schedule environments, and as a result have contributed to the development of a number of internal processes for accelerated and low cost space flight development projects.