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Helmut Seifert

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  • MBA, Business Administration
    2002, Univ of Maryland College Park, Maryland
  • Ph.D., Physics
    1990, Univ of Maryland College Park, Maryland
  • B.S., Physics
    1984, Univ. of Ulm, Germany

30 years of professional experience in Systems Engineering (SE) and Project Management (PM) on a number of NASA and NOAA programs.  Has performed systems engineering, project management, quality management, and technical task leadership to support the entire life cycle of complex satellite command & control systems, simulation systems, data processing information systems, and satellite payloads.  
Has developed and published extensive technical / scientific, programmatic, management, and procurement documentation; presentations; plans; papers; studies; interface control documentation; reports, schedules; and analysis reports.  
SE tasks included concept definition, requirements definition / development / allocation / tracking, design, analysis, simulation, trade studies, risk identification / tracking / management / mitigation, development / implementation, integration, and testing of numerous systems.  
PM experience includes project initiation / planning / execution / monitoring & controlling / closeout; technical direction / task leadership; team development; subcontractor management / coordination; sponsor engagement and support; competitor relations; government project and personnel support; new business development; professional training; financial planning / forecasting / reporting; performance monitoring (e.g. Balanced Score Card).

Notable Awards and Leadership

Year(s) Description
1983-1984 Fulbright Travel Scholarship
1990-1992 National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council (NRC) Fellowship
2003-present Beta Gamma Sigma Business School Honor Society