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John Scherrer

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Project Manager
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering
    1982, Texas A&M University
  • Masters, Business Administration
    1986, University of Texas San Antonio

John R. Scherrer has over 36 years of experience in the design, development, management, and delivery of complex instruments for scientific missions, spacecraft and payload management, and mission management.  He recently joined the staff of JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory in 2020 as a Program Director after a long career at the Southwest Research Institute.  He currently serves as the mission Project Manager (PM) of IMAP, a Solar Terrestrial Probes mission where APL is the implementing institution. Prior to IMAP, Mr. Scherrer served as mission PM of CYGNSS, NASA’s first Earth Venture Mission, and IBEX, a NASA Small Explorer mission.  CYGNSS and IBEX are both currently in extended mission and were delivered on time and under budget.  Mr. Scherrer also served as Deputy Payload Manager of New Horizons (NH) and Instrument Manager of MMS HPCA, NH Ralph and Alice, and Rosetta Alice. He also currently serves on the Atmosperic Waves Explorer Standing Review Board.

Notable Awards and Leadership

Year(s) Description
1999 NASA Public Service Medal: Rosetta Alice Instrument
Multiple Numerous NASA Group Achievement Awards: UARS, Rosetta, New Horizons, IBEX, Juno, MMS