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Patricia Harrington-Duff

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Software Engineer
  • BA, Political Science
    1987, Miami University
  • MA, Middle Eastern Studies
    1989, University of Chicago
  • BS, Computer Science
    1997, University of Maryland University College
  • MS, Computer Science
    2013, Johns Hopkins University

As a software engineer and lead, I focus on both the near term development and the future of SIG’s ground software, technology and related applications. I have developed ground software with an emphasis on applications integrating with the InControl core product. I have worked sprint-based agile projects and traditional iterative build-based lifecycles. Areas of experience include requirements and early development, schedule planning, EVM, build and deployment, system testing, support of spacecraft integration and test phase including mission simulations and rehearsals, launch support, post-launch ground software activities, and management of teams working these various tasks. My roles have included serving as a Ground Software Lead (post-launch for PSP, mid-development for DART) and two years as Downlink and Data Management CSCI lead, and I am currently serving as the SIG Chief Engineer.

Notable Awards and Leadership

Year(s) Description
Aug 2021 SIG Chief Engineer
March 2021 - July 2021 Downlink and Data Management CSCI Lead for SIG
2011-2012 SI representative to SD Diversity Advisory Team, chairperson in 2012

Scholarly Publications

Reliable Commanding and Telemetry Operations Using CFDP

SpaceOps 2016 Conference, SpaceOps Conferences, (AIAA 2016-2525), 2016
Eric Melin, Christopher Krupiarz, Christopher Monaco, Nickalaus Pinkine, and Patricia Harrington-Duff. "Reliable Commanding and Telemetry Operations Using CFDP", SpaceOps 2016 Conference, SpaceOps Conferences, (AIAA 2016-2525)