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Wesley Millard

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Electrical System Engineer; Frontier Radio Co-Inventor
  • Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering
    2000, Johns Hopkins University Maryland
  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    1999, Johns Hopkins University Maryland

Spacecraft electrical component developer and lead engineer, with a focus on FPGA based digital signal processing and mixed signal electronics design. Main professional work includes designing digital control systems for software defined radio (SDR) technology, including the New Horizons digital receiver and the PSP/SPP Frontier Radio Ka-Band SDR. Complete product life-cycle experience on multiple products from concept, through development via various funding avenues, through rigorous process development and qualification, to flight delivery and technology transfer, and back again. Design, testing, and measurement expertise in RF, low power analog, and digital signal processing (DSP) electronics, including radiation effects within these circuits. Current electrical system engineering work focuses on managing multiple electrical component/product development efforts (C&DH, communications, navigation, and instruments) for system integration on active flight missions.