Image of some of APL Civil Space Staff

Reaching Outer Space Starts with a Team that Goes Farther

Imagine creating spacecraft and instruments that travel millions —sometimes billions — of miles to explore planets, moons, asteroids and even the Sun. It’s what the people of APL Civil Space get to do every day. And our success begins with our team’s passion and incomparable expertise. Meet the scientists, engineers and other professionals who collaborate to expand humanity’s reach and knowledge.

About Our Leadership Team

Photo of Brett Denevi

Brett Denevi

Planetary Scientist
Photo of Michelle Donegan

Michelle Donegan

Space Environmental Effects Engineer
Photo of Carl Engelbrecht

Carl Engelbrecht

Propulsion Engineer
Photo of Robert Erlandson

Robert Erlandson

Branch Supervisor - Science and Space Instrumentation
Photo of Carolyn Ernst

Carolyn Ernst

Planetary Scientist
Photo of Raymond Espiritu

Raymond Espiritu

PDS Archivist; Senior Software Developer specializing in data pipelines
Photo of Paul Finneran

Paul Finneran

Program Manager
Photo of Richard Fitzgerald

Richard Fitzgerald

Project Manager
Photo of Tyler Formica

Tyler Formica

Systems Reliability Engineer
Photo of Robert Furrow

Robert Furrow

System Engineer; Software Engineer; Section Supervisor
Photo of Edward Gaddy

Edward Gaddy

Spacecraft Solar Array Engineer
Photo of Ankita George

Ankita George

DSP Engineer
Photo of Jesper Gjerloev

Jesper Gjerloev

Space Physics
Photo of Matina Gkioulidou

Matina Gkioulidou

Space Physicist
Photo of Dawn Graninger

Dawn Graninger

Photo of Benjamin Greenhagen

Benjamin Greenhagen

Planetary Scientist