Engineering Areas of Expertise

Working in a lab

Electronics and Avionics

Designing electronics, including command and data handling, storage and custom interfaces, and control and signal processing systems for APL spacecraft.

flight software concept

Flight and Ground Software

Developing embedded, intelligent, real-time algorithms to execute various spacecraft operations and data analysis activities.

APL engineering staff working on spacecraft equipment

Guidance, Navigation and Control

Devising plans and trajectories to deliver spacecraft to their desired destination and achieve mission requirements.

Working in a lab

Integration and Test

Assembling, integrating, testing and delivering spacecraft, along with designing and building electrical ground support equipment.

Engineers working with an instrument while wearing white, clean-room protective clothing

Mechanical Systems

Designing, analyzing and testing the range of mechanical systems that enable space exploration missions.

Rendering of a spacecraft orbiting Neptune, and a small inset showing the spacecraft's planned orbits around the planet

Mission Formulation and Analysis

Developing full, feasible space missions to meet science requirements.

APL staff working in APL's mission control room

Mission Operations

Providing unique and efficient spacecraft operations.

An APL engineer inspects RF equipment

RF Communications

Providing cost-effective and often first-of-their-kind radio frequency (RF) communications systems that operate reliably in the harsh environment of space.

Scientist running electromagnetic tests on Lucy LORRI in APL's anechoic chamber

Space Environmental Effects

Checking the impacts of the space environment on spacecraft hardware through analysis, modeling, testing and mitigation.

An engineer programs a spacecraft autonomy system

Spacecraft Autonomy

Building intelligent systems for resilient, responsive spacecraft.

APL engineers work on a solar array

Spacecraft Power Engineering

Designing, testing and analyzing spacecraft power subsystems, components and electronics.

Person standing in aisle, searching through stored parts

Spaceflight Parts and Packaging

Selecting, testing, storing and issuing electrical, electronic and electromechanical components and materials for use in systems, instruments and spacecraft.

Working on Parker Solar Probe in APL's clean room

Systems Engineering

Providing end-to-end systems support for initiatives ranging from studies and proposals to full space missions and programs.