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DART spacecraft approaching its target asteroid Dimorphos, with LICIACube watching from right

We Lead Missions To Defend Earth

APL leads the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — the world’s first full-scale planetary defense test mission to demonstrate one method to deflect an asteroid. 

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From The Sun to Pluto and Beyond

Our spacecraft and instruments have helped "touch" the Sun, measure and track Earth’s magnetosphere, search for ancient water on Mars, probe the mysteries of Pluto and measure the boundaries of our solar system before entering interstellar space. And those discoveries are just the beginning.

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We are scientists, engineers, planners and dedicated professionals committed to exploring space and expanding humanity’s knowledge of the Sun-Earth system, our moon, the solar system and beyond. We do the impossible every day. Learn more about the people of APL Civil Space. 

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Learn more about our research in planetary science, Earth science, heliophysics and astrophysics.
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Learn more about our spacecraft and instruments as well as our mission design and operations teams who are helping to expand humanity’s understanding of the universe every day.
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Learn more about APL’s missions and discoveries — and the people who make it all happen. Use our Media Center to find high-resolution images and HD videos, receive detailed mission information, or contact a public affairs representative.