Artist's impression of a spacecraft crossing in front of shadowed Mars

Johns Hopkins APL Technology Helps Mars Mission Phone Home

The Emirates Mars Mission, also known as “Hope,” stays connected to its operators on Earth using a novel radio provided by APL.
Scene from space of the Sun rising over Earth's horizon

A New Conceptual Mission Proposes to Study Earth Like an Exoplanet

A new conceptual mission developed by Johns Hopkins APL researchers proposes to send a small spacecraft to view Earth as if it were a potentially habitable exoplanet, helping validate whether the methods currently used to look for habitable worlds can even detect life on the one planet where we know it exists.
Illustration of astronauts digging on the Moon

NASA Extends Johns Hopkins APL Leadership of Lunar Innovation Initiative

NASA has tapped APL to continue supporting the agency’s Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative, which aims to spur the development and deployment of technologies enabling humans to live and work on the Moon.
Black-and-white image of Venus with stars and streaks of light crossing in front of it

Parker Solar Probe Offers Stunning View of Venus

During Parker Solar Probe’s third Venus flyby, the camera aboard the Johns Hopkins APL-built spacecraft captured a striking — and surprising — image of the planet’s nightside.
High-resolution mosaic image of Mars, entire planet

Perseverance Mission Highlights CRISM’s Continued Contributions to Martian Science

Perseverance is the most advanced Mars rover yet, strategically dispatched to a spot teeming with indicators of long-gone liquid water and, possibly, fossilized Martian life. Data from the Johns Hopkins APL-built CRISM imaging spectrometer factored into NASA’s selection of the Perseverance landing site.
Mosaic image of Eros from NEAR Shoemaker

NEAR Landing Left a Lasting Space Exploration Legacy

On Feb. 12, 2001, a carefully designed series of maneuvers brought the APL-built NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft to the surface of 433 Eros — the first-ever landing on an asteroid. The trailblazing accomplishment pointed the way for future missions.
Image of Io crossing in front of Jupiter

Little Moon Io helps Jupiter Accelerate Charged Particles to Incredible Speeds

Data from the APL-built JEDI instrument on NASA’s Juno spacecraft reveal Jupiter’s moon Io accelerates protons to millions of miles per hour through an invisible link.
Two people in white coats and hairnets stand over a piece of spacecraft in a dark room

DART Mission Heats Up, Enters Environmental Testing

A months-long integration and testing phase culminated recently with a successful review and the start of space-environment testing for NASA's first planetary defense mission, the APL-led Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART).
Collage image from Parker Solar Probe showing six planets in one view

Parker Solar Probe Captures Planetary Portrait

The APL-built Parker Solar Probe was wheeling around the Sun last summer when it spied six planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — in its camera's field of view.