Image of some of APL Civil Space Staff

Reaching Outer Space Starts with a Team that Goes Farther

Imagine creating spacecraft and instruments that travel millions —sometimes billions — of miles to explore planets, moons, asteroids and even the Sun. It’s what the people of APL Civil Space get to do every day. And our success begins with our team’s passion and incomparable expertise. Meet the scientists, engineers and other professionals who collaborate to expand humanity’s reach and knowledge.

About Our Leadership Team

Photo of Lauren Jozwiak

Lauren Jozwiak

Planetary geologist; Planetary volcanologist
Photo of Mary Keller

Mary Keller

Photo of Hyosub Kil

Hyosub Kil

Ionospheric Physicist
Photo of Rachel Klima

Rachel Klima

Planetary Geologist
Photo of Haje Korth

Haje Korth

Europa Clipper Deputy Project Scientist; MESSENGER Deputy Project Scientist; MESSENGER MAG Instrument Scientist
Photo of Martha Kusterer

Martha Kusterer

Software Engineer
Photo of David Lawrence

David Lawrence

Physicist; Planetary Scientist
Photo of Jeffrey Leeburn

Jeffrey Leeburn

Remote sensing specialist
Photo of Daniel Lein

Daniel Lein

Electronics Engineer
Photo of Kan Liou

Kan Liou

Space Physicist
Photo of Carey Lisse

Carey Lisse

Planetary Astronomer; Stellar Astrophysicist; Infrared Spectroscopist
Photo of Ralph Lorenz

Ralph Lorenz

Planetary Scientist
Photo of Adrienn Luspay-Kuti

Adrienn Luspay-Kuti

Planetary Scientist
Photo of Jacob Lustig-Yaeger

Jacob Lustig-Yaeger

exoplanet astronomer; astrobiologist